A simple fact, if you have noticed about any popular application is that, it would have a lot of reviews and ratings. Just think about it, you go to an app store, type in your requirement, open the application, and then? Do you download it directly? You look at the reviews, customer satisfaction, its ratings and then decide on installing it or not. Any application if it has amazing reviews and ratings, it will surely have more downloads and installs. An app is downloaded because of the popularity it has, and popularity is due to the user reviews and ratings for the application. To improve the application further feedback of the user plays a very important role.

So, here are the 7 proven ways to get maximum ratings for your app and turn it into a golden egg:

1. App Review Plugin:

Add an in app plugin where in, a user reviews the app by himself. It is the quickest and easiest way to get reviews for any application.

2. Incentivize Users to Review Your App:

Give the users a value add related to the app for reviewing & rating it. Like, if it is a gaming application, then some in app currency or if it is not then anything that adds value to the user for using the application.

3. Ask for review at the right time:

Asking for a review as soon as the app is downloaded is too fast, so give the user some time to use the application and trigger the review request at the right time.

4. Provide Customer Support:

Providing your users with exceptional customer support, which prompts the users to leave a good rating for the app experience. By not interrupting their normal flow, and during the time of customer support, asking them to leave a review helps in getting reviews easily.

5. Influencer or app review websites:

Reach out to influencers and app review websites. There are many influencers and websites that use the app and review it, which helps in increasing the downloads as it has been reviewed by a prominent person or a website.

6. Create Social media profiles:

Create an app page on various social media websites for the application and be active on them posting anything related to the application.

7. Keep an eye out for similar apps and their reviews and quality:

Research on the applications that are similar to your application. how popular are they? What do they do to make their users happy? How to they ask for reviews & ratings?

Reviews are a very powerful tool and can be a major deciding factors that increases your apps installation. More number of positive reviews is how you can get your app featured in the top rated ones on the store. So.. What are you waiting for? Start getting reviews now and increase your app installs!!