Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s entertaining, addictive and everywhere. You cannot walk a street without bumping into Pokemon.Its official, Pokemon Go has more daily active users than twitter and if the trend continues, it is poised to have more number of active users then facebook, whatsapp and other popular social apps.

In the meantime for companies who are smart enough to leverage the platform while it’s hot, the promotional possibilities are endless. Here are the first mover’s mentioned below but the real fruits remain to be seen.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time.It merges your physical location with in-app experience – in Pokemon go, that’s hunting Pokemon. Pokemon Go is a location based augmented reality which helps to capture and train Pokemon’s. Players travel around, with the help of Google maps like 2D representation of the real world landscape with their customized Avatars.The GPS, Geocaching approach is fun for the people who like to have a reason to go outside and meet new people searching for the Pokemon’s hiding in different locations.
This game is one of the biggest things to ever happen to Augmented Reality.

Location Based Targeting

There are several ways that we see potential for significant monetization for Pokemon Go. Its been two week since the app is launched, Pokemon go has already sparked the plans for monetization. One of them is certainly the potential for paid advertising or paid deals that encourages players to come to a particular store.There are lot of restaurants, bars , retails stores and businesses from entire world who have already started generating revenues through Pokemon Go. Restaurants around Pokemon Gym’s and Pokestop have flow of customers all day and night to grab some snacks and get their battle’s on.These Restaurants are either buying or dropping lures to increase the footfalls of their clients. Pokemon Go has an in-app purchase model in the game called as Lure Module which attracts Pokemon’s to the closest Pokestop for 30 minutes.Any Business can be a Pokemon Go destination and entrepreneurs are already promoting their establishments as such.

Companies are encouraging customers to post Pokemon Go pictures to Social media and tag the restaurants to automatically enter a daily raffle for gifts cards.We are living in an entirely new Pokemon Go driven economic environment: the Pokeconomy

In-App Purchase

In-app purchase is a ability of device to purchase a product or services within an app. Although offering in-app purchase is not a stand-alone method to monetize apps, it can be combined with free or paid apps to generate more revenue.The trending way for apps is to go for free apps with in-app purchases. And among these trending ways Pokemon go is a big game changer to generate maximum revenue by in-app purchase. The game has surpassed the rest of the mobile gaming market and has accounted nearly 47% revenue for entire mobile gaming market in one day.

Pokemon Go is luring new spenders to the mobile gaming market.Furthermore,while many purchasers are only buying entry level Pokemon currency,the middle tier, of 1,200 PokeCoins is the most lucrative.Over 30% revenue that Pokemon Go has generated came from the 550 PokeCoins Bundle.

Pokemon Go is already an unbelievably huge game and if it can retain more users then it will be a huge financial success. It’s giving an entirely new perspective on gaming. It has seriously proven to be a game changer in the gaming industry. Setting standards which are hard to break.

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