In today’s age it is believed that, if a business is not online it is as good as non existent. The business world has moved onto to a completely new level of function with the evolving technology, there literally seems to be no end to this growth. While this growth has proven the vitality of having a website for your business, helping you with everything from visibility to promotions to sales to service, one cannot over look the next stage to this technological evolution, which is, smart phones. Almost every study on smart phones points to a growing number of mobile users around the world. Most, if not everyone of these mobile users interact with their phones to do a variety of things like pay bills, buy products, stream music, look for information and more, making use of a good bunch of apps. It is a clear indication of how mobile apps are the future of computing, and this makes it really important for you as a business to not only have a presence online with a well designed website but also to be on every consumer’s phone.

The next question that probably strikes your mind is, “how can a mobile app help my business?”. Here are a few areas in which a mobile app can be of use to you.

Visibility To The Customer

In a very noisy business world like today, it is extremely important to grab the attention of your customers in every way possible. Having a mobile app can be extremely beneficial in that case. Yes, the fact remains that a person only uses a handful of apps on their phones on a daily basis, but really think about their journey, every person still has to unlock their phone and scroll through the list of apps they have, to get to where they want. This means having a well designed app for yourself can be a constant subconscious reminder of your presence. Giving you a psychological advantage in a consumer’s mind to you over your competitor.

Earning With Your App

Most businesses often are hesitant about having an app as they fear the expensive budgets that go into it. Though this can be true in a few cases, opting to have a simple app for the basics can also be very helpful. Think of your mobile app as an extra property that you own for business, rather than just an extension of it. Having an app opens up possibilities of monetization, and that means an additional source of revenue for your business. A lot of companies strategically opt for adnetworks that offer great commission plans to generate revenue through mobile apps. Something you might want to consider for your business.

Reaching Mass Audience

Having an app can be of an exceptional advantage when it comes to reaching large audiences. In the last 5 years, mobile searches have become extremely popular, especially with younger audiences. Though your current customers may be a good tool for “word of mouth marketing”, potential customers like to know more about you via a generic search on the web right on their phones. The world has evolved to a point where the traditional website is no longer the best option for topping the search results on Google. There is a whole study on how having a mobile app can boost your SEO stats when users try to search for you on mobile web. Additionally, linking your app to popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can boost your reach, as most people these days access social media on their phones.

Offline Presence & Personalization

We’ve already stated that consumers today want everything right at their finger tips, which means that they love accessing things on their phones, over the more traditional computer search. Having an app is probably the best way to show case your products and seem trendy. You can have options in your app that allow users to save products they like, to buy or share with friends and also have an offline access to them at their convenience. Let’s face it, there is still a world, offline, and you can be instantly available to your customers even when they are not connected to the Internet.
If all these perks are still not enough to convince you into having a mobile app for your business you must at least consider the following point.

Mobile Friendly Websites

None can argue with the fact that mobiles are taking over the ethnic use of the computers to access the Internet. If all the above points haven’t been convincing enough for you to start working on a mobile app, you must look into developing a mobile website. Mobile website is a budget friendly option that works almost as well as having a mobile app. The whole idea behind this is to engage your users over all channels possible, and then giving them an experience like no other. Customizing your website for mobile use can definitely help you achieve that level of finesse on a screen relatively smaller but a lot more impacting.
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