From the giant TV screen in your room to the tiny watch display on your wrist, the app development market has seen it all. Statistics from June 2016 show that there are over 7 million applications collectively across all platforms and mobile applications lead the way with a number of over 5 million. Researchers have said the number of apps is only going to go higher. The question here is…

What does this mean for your app? How do you stand out from the crowd of over 5 million and get those numbers in the users section? Well, the answer may be in the following list:


4 Free User Acquisition Tips


App Store Optimization:

Like a display window for any brick and mortar store, the app store is a market that showcases your app in all it’s glory. This means your potential users will be judging and forming their first impression based on how things appear on the app store page. Make sure you play close attention to things like, How does the app logo look? How will it look like on the user’s phone? What kind of keywords are linked to your app page? How strong is the reviews section on your page? To get things going on a high note, Ask all your users to rate the app and their experience frequently. Have a call to action button or a suggestive pop up that asks them to rate your app.
Ultimately, even if 1 out of 10 users rate you, you’ve got 100 reviews with a 1000 users and that is a great way to have your app listed up there among the elites.


Influencer Marketing:

User acquisition for mobile apps is just like fishing, the wider the net the higher the probability of catching more fish. Your first move in the market post the launch of your apps is, to establish a presence on every networking platform possible. The easiest way to do that would be to piggy back an already established people influencer. By this I mean, sharing your app with a famous youtuber, reviewers or perhaps a friend with a large social circle. Or, you can always take the aid of websites that offer plans for free promotion of mobile apps like ProductHunt or LaunchingNext, this can really boost your downloads by big number! Take the example for Prisma or dubsmash for instance! A rapid user base in a relatively short time! Remember, the wider the acquisition net the bigger the probability of attracting more users.


The Social Media Hack:

In this generation of business more than half the world is available on social media, the best part about that? You get your app to trend! Stay active and post more and most importantly create a buzz about yourself. For instance, if you are a photo editor get your app page going on twitter, pick out your competitor and start following all of their users. Answer to their queries and hashtag your app to it and create a presence for yourself. In short, get a system going and increase your activity strategically, social media for you is god!


The Almighty “Share” Option:

This is probably one of the most effective way get more users on board. However, this step only comes into action once you have people using your app. Add a simple share into your app and ask your users to link their social media accounts to your app. Make sure you do it strategically, if you’re a gaming app for example, ask people to share their performance online and get their friends to accept challenges, make them do the hard work in getting you more users. If you wish to maybe add an incentive or two to make things more enticing and interesting for your users. Your asset are your users don’t ever be afraid to leverage on them!

If free is not your thing, here are 5 great paid strategies you can use to acquire users for your App:


4 Paid User Acquisition strategies


Email Campaigns:

A great way to acquire more users can be E-mail Campaigns. These bring a reach and awareness for your app along with potential downloads. Sign up with platforms like Mailchimp or Campaign monitor or maybe get a survey going with the help of google forms to understand the scope and value of your app before you go all out with promotions and advertising. It is a truly efficient and smart way to start off small and reach a large audience.


Sign Up With App Review/ App Promotion Platforms:

App promotion and review platforms have become a major hit in the market for acquisition. A lot of developers opt for these platforms to get their apps viral, take Lyft for instance. For you as a developer, it is extremely import to make your presence on all these platforms. However, invest more only on the channels you feel are the right ones for you. Sign up on platforms like Appstorm and Springwise that offer free promotion plans but go a step further and also get a premium subscription on a platform like Appshout, this may get you a better reach out in the market. Your ultimate goal here should be, widest reach with the smartest investment.


Spend On Native Ads and Video Ads For Higher ROI:

Remember, only 1 in every 20 users encounter ads. Also, according to various studies 25% of the users are more likely to look at native ads over banner ads. Maybe that is the way to go for you or, spend on creating a great video and pair it up with social media campaigns, and no I’m not talking about those youtube ads that most of us wait to skip, maybe have it up as a nice little meme about the trending topic in the market and put them up on Facebook or Instagram even. Check out the ads Mother Dairy ice creams have made inspired by Game Of Thrones to get an idea of things.


Rely On Metrics:

This step will come in handy once you have some sort or flow going for acquisition. Set up a proper system for the common metrics like Cost Per Install, LTV (Life Time Value), ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), etc.. this will give you a clear picture of how much value a user brings to your app and also help you calculate and plan for further expansion. For any app, having the right system of metrics is the key to sustaining in the market. You wouldn’t want to be the next Viral app that goes out of trend in weeks.

Not willing to do any of the work yourself?

A final Tip could be for you…

Hire An Acquisition Manager

Well, if you do have the budget and lack the knowledge about these business strategies or haven’t found any of the tips helpful, you can always hire an acquisition manager who understands the business and knows these hacks like the back of her/his hand. This way you can let them get you users while you sit back and focus on making those apps!


Keep an eye out for more such updates.

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